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Why is my Mac running so slow?

Have you been eyeing off a new Mac because your current one is running a little slow? Luckily you don't always have to fork out for a new computer to enjoy speed increases. Macs generally have a long lifespan compared to other computers and can perform well for 5 years if looked after.

Here are a few easy software steps to try

  • A restart every now and then can help keep things running smoothly
  • Clean up hard drive to free up more disk space, Your Mac Tech recommends to keeping at least 10% free disk space for best performance
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications on your Mac
  • Disable applications that are set to automatically start when you login if they are not required
  • Make sure macOS is up to date
  • Check your applications are up to date
  • Clear clutter from Desktop
  • Verify and repair disk permissions with Disk Utility
  • Use Chrome or Safari for web browsing, Firefox can slow down over time
  • Quit any apps that you are not using!

Please do not install software that claims to speed up your computer, we do not recommend any of these types of applications. In our experience these applications cause more problems than they solve and can compromise your Mac and your privacy.

Older Macs that are slowing down can also benefit greatly from some hardware tweaks

  • Replacing your hard drive with an SSD can provide great speed improvements
  • Upgrading the memory in your Mac will help speed up your Mac and run more applications at the same time without reducing performance

If you need help with any of the above please let us know how we can help speed up your Macs at your home or business.

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Why is my Mac running so slow?