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cloudflare registrar domain names Ask YMT

Cloudflare announces new Domain Register

One of the biggest announcements at Cloudflare Birthday Week (they turned 8) was the announcement of an at cost Domain Registrar. The offer of at cost domain names from a reputable provider will be welcomed by a large number of small businesses.

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mshealper macOS malware virus find remove Ask YMT

mshelper Malware – How do I Find & Remove…

Is you Mac running hot, battery draining fast and apps running poorly? There is some new malware affecting macOS which has started to circulate. Affected macOS systems typically have their processor running at full throttle which can prevent other software from performing optimally.

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macOS High Sierra parental controls Mac Ask YMT

How do I use Parental Controls on macOS?

Want to make sure the little ones are using their Mac for homework or limit the amount of time they spend gaming? Here is a quick guide to help you setup a Mac account managed by Parental Controls. You can even manage them remotely from your Mac.

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Apple Support Scam Malware Mac Ask YMT

Is this Apple Support message Legit or a Scam?

We have helped a few customers recently who have inadvertently installed malware or spyware after visiting a website or receiving a call pretending to be Apple.  They were advised their Mac was locked, slow or infected by a virus. To resolve they need to pay for support and/or to install software.

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Apple allows Aussies to download their data

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