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Home Help | All your Mac needs right in your home

Your Mac Tech can help setup your home office, securely configure your wireless, help you share your media or resolve home issues. We provide support across Melbourne and can help with any problem big or small.

Mac Upgrades & Support
We can setup your new Macs, iPhones & iPads the way you want it. Is your Mac running slow?
Microsoft Office for Mac
Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac. Setup and support for Office & Office 365.
Backup your Mac
Cloud backup can provide that extra level of protection for your critical documents.
Drobo External Mac Storage
Drobo offers user friendly USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 & Network storage solutions with up to 256TB of storage space suitable for home or small business users.
Mac Virus & Ransomware Protection
Need an anti-virus solution or are having issues with spam? We can help.
Personal Cloud Storage
We can help you make the most of the cloud and provide you with a solution suitable to your situation.
Creative Solutions
High speed reliable networks and storage for your creative business.
Home Office
We are happy to come to help you make the most of your Apple gear in your home office
Fast Networking
We can setup fast mesh wireless networking and 10 gigabit wired solutions.
Printing & Scanning
Printing and scanning solutions designed for Mac and iOS devices.
Home Entertainment
We can setup your Mac as a centralised media storage server or help configure you new Apple TV.
Home Help Prices
Affordable & friendly Mac support in the comfort of your home.
Home Help | All your Mac needs right in your home