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Home help | All your Mac needs right in your home

Your Mac Tech promises fast, honest & reliable service direct to your door

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Home services provided by our friendly Your Mac Tech team

Setup your shiny new Mac, iPad or iPhone

Our technicians would love to help setup your new Mac, iPad or iPhone just the way you want it. We will happily assist installing your favourite apps and migrating all your documents, photos, videos and music. Need help syncing your new devices or making sure your new Mac prints? Call Your Mach Tech today.

Mac running a little slow or not starting?

Is your Mac running slow, apps taking too long to load or the infamous spinning wheel appearing? Sometimes your Mac just needs a little love with some more memory, a new SSD, a spring clean or a rebuild. If your Mac is not starting, or you have just run out of space for your files, we'd love to get you going again.

Help with your email, contacts and calendars

Have you stopped receiving emails, or are having problems sending emails? Just need help setting up a new email account? Do you want to get your email on your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch? Our technicians can help get going again, call us now!

Create an amazing home media entertainment experience

We can setup your Mac as a centralised media storage server or help configure you new Apple TV to share all your content on the big or small screen.

Internet, wifi and networking

If you need help setting up your internet or wifi, we can help. With smart homes, connected speakers, smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, home media players, smart watches and everything else connecting to a secure and reliable wireless network is more important than ever. We have solutions.

Printers and other devices

We can setup your new printer, scanner or shared storage. Need to setup your shiny new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV? We can help.

Software installs and upgrades

Do you want to setup or upgrade iCloud, iWork, Adobe CS or Microsoft Office? Need help organising or creating backups of your documents, video, photos or music? Having problems updating to the latest macOS or just want to install a new application and sync it? Are you having Microsoft Office issues or lost files, call us. We'd love to help.

Backups and the cloud

Photos, videos, music and files are valuable and we have simple solutions like iCloud to protect you. We can help you make the most of the cloud and provide you with a solution suitable to your situation. Cloud backup provide that extra level of protection and piece of mind for your irreplaceable photos.

Onsite and remote support

Like a visit in the comfort of your home?  We can pick-up and drop-off up your Mac if it needs repairs or an upgrade. If you prefer we can fix problems remotely, from our office by connecting to your Mac (with your permission, of course!) or even just help you over the phone! Are you new to Apple, Mac, iPhone or iPad and need some help or training? Would you like to learn about iCloud? Call us if you just want some advice on which computer or software to buy.

Home help | All your Mac needs right in your home