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Reliable Business Email for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Business grade email, contacts and calendars designed to work perfectly macOS and iOS.

Email is a critical business tool and outages can cause significant costs due to productivity and revenue losses. Small business needs a reliable cost effective solution that is designed to work with their existing systems. We have solutions designed specifically for your business.

Reliable business email

Our email solutions are designed to work with all your favourite apps. We recommend both Apple's Mail, Contacts and Calendar or Microsoft's Outlook across macOS, iPadOS & iOS. All your information is synced across all your devices from the cloud.

You can enjoy peace of mind with a professionally managed infrastructure that offers scalability, high availability, rapid failover and cost-effective storage. Get push email, calendars and contacts with the built-in apps on iPhone and iPad, or with the dedicated iOS app.

Secure email managed for your business

Every mailbox includes anti-spam and anti-virus protection that blocks more than 99.9% of all spam and implements a host of other security measures to protect your business against cybercriminals. SPF allows you to filter out messages with fake sender addresses and DKIM signs outgoing messages with a special signature allowing recipients to verify your email and preventing email impersonation.

We provide Barracuda & Sophos cloud email security solutions to protect and educate your teams.

What about Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-suite?

We have a number of customers happily using Office 365 and G-Suite but they can include a number of unnecessary additions. A lot the Your Mac Tech crowd prefer to keep their systems simple and affordable and prefer a streamlined solution.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider      

Microsoft Office 365 also offers Reliable Email for Mac

We can help you migrate to Office 365

Tired of Email Outages Costing Your Business?

We have Reliable & Affordable Solutions

Reliable Business Email for Mac, iPhone & iPad