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Fast Wireless & Wired Network Solutions

We can help setup or troubleshoot high performance wired or wireless network for your home or business. Whether you need to share a few files, access the internet or stream video we have secure solutions for you.

Network Equipment

Your Mac Tech has a wide range of high performance networking equipment to work with your Macs, iPhones and iPads. We can provide networking switches that support 1 gigabit, 10 gigabit or a combination of the two to ensure you network is able to support your business needs.

Want to upgrade your Mac's network connection to take advantage of your new network equipment? We have a range of adapters that can give your Mac a serious speed boost.

Wireless Networks

We can help setup or troubleshoot fast wireless networking in your home or business. For larger or busier networks 802.11ac wireless mesh networks provide a reliable high performance network to connect all your devices.

License Free Cloud Network Management

We recommend, sell and support Ubiquiti cloud managed network solutions to allow management of your network infrastructure from wherever you are.

Security & Coverage

Concerned about your wifi network coverage or security? We can preform a wireless network audit.

High Performance Wireless & Wired Network Solutions

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Fast Wireless & Wired Network Solutions