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Charities & Non Profits

Our team have years of experience at charities and NFPs. We can help setup and support affordable hardware, software & cloud services.

Software and Cloud Services

Do you want to setup or upgrade iWork, Adobe CSMicrosoft Office 365 cloud services or Microsoft Office for Mac? Need help organising or creating backups of your documents, video, photos or music with Time Machine or another solution?

Having problems updating to the latest macOS or just want to install a new application? We can also help migrate your business to the cloud. If your confused by all the options available we have extensive experience with assisting business with vendor selection.

Security, Anti-Virus & Ransomware

We have simple and affordable security solutions to protect your Mac from the latest ransomware attacks, privacy invasions, viruses, and Mac malware. Macs don’t have too many issue with viruses but we are seeing increasing incidents of ransomware and privacy issues.

Wireless and networking

If you can’t connect to the internet, or your Internet connection is dropping out, if you want to share your printer or files or are having issues with your wireless signal, we can help. Need to accelerate your network speeds with business grade modem, wifi and routers? We have solutions.

Printers and other devices

Whether ready to purchase or just in need of some advice we can help source the most appropriate printer solutions for your business. We can help you make the most of your solution by ensuring support for printing from macOS and iOS devices or enabling scan to the cloud storage solutions.

Give your Mac a new lease on life!

Is your Mac running slow or is the dreaded spinning wheel appearing? We can help extend the life of your Macs to make the most of your purchase. Macs can see a significant speed boost by an upgrade to a solid state drive (SSD) or an increase in memory. We can also conduct a fresh install, clean up your hard drive and remove any unnecessary software, spyware or viruses.

Onsite or remote support

We offer friendly onsite support services where we can offer training and support for your Mac. We can come out to you to pick-up / drop-off up a mac. We can fix problems remotely, from our office by connecting to your Mac (with your permission, of course!) or just help you over the phone!

Charities & Non Profits