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Mac backup solutions for your home or business

Having a backup of your precious personal or business data is one of those things we should do but we never get around to doing. We can help make sense of all the options and can even monitor your backups to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Should I use Time Machine?

Time machine allows you to backup your Mac to an external hard drive or a network share and has a simple recovery file recovery method. You can recover individual files or your entire Mac, software, settings and all. The software is included with macOS and so is a low cost solution to setup. Time Machine is a great starter backup solution but the data is stored at the same location as your Mac. This makes it vulnerable to fire, theft or other unexpected events where you may loos both your Mac and it's backup!

Is Cloud Storage Enough? How is Cloud backup different?

If you have all your files and photos stored in iCloud, Box or another cloud service then you may be able to do without a cloud backup service. Time Machine and Box can do a great job of protecting your data in the event of your Mac failing. If you want the extra piece of mind of a quick recovery of all your applications, settings and files then cloud backup is right for you. It adds that extra layer of protection in the case of a theft or disaster that destroys your home or business equipment.

Carbonite Cloud Backup

Carbonite cloud backup add that extra layer of protection. All of your Macs data is backed up to the cloud enabling your to recover everything or an individual file if the worst happens. It includes unlimited secure storage so you can back up every photo, spreadsheet, video and song without worry.

Business High Performance Network Storage and Backup Solutions

The arrival of cloud storage has provided a great way for small business to store gigabytes of files. There are, however, some businesses like to keep their data close to hand or work with large files. We can help with some high performance storage solutions tailored to your business needs. Archiware P5 Suite includes four modules Backup, Backup2Go, Synchronize & Archive. Backup, Synchornize & Archive are designed to secure your server data are complemented by P5 Backup2Go which includes backups for workstations and laptops. The modules can be used individually or combined to facilitate multi-step backups to achieve maximum data security. For example disk to disk to tape.

We have backup solutions designed for home and small business customers

Cloud backup prices start from just $6.60 per month

Backup your Mac | Archiware P5, Carbonite & Time Machine