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HELP! My iPhone started crashing on Dec 2nd?!

Is Y2K finally coming?

It’s like Y2K all over again for some iPhone users. At midnight on December 2, 2017, many iPhones that were running iOS 11.1.2 began inexplicably rebooting and crashing.

How do I stop my iPhone crashing?

But if you’re one of the affected users, there’s already a fix, update to iOS 11.2.

The bug involves iOS’s “local” notifications, alerts that happen on your iPhone rather than Apple’s push notification service. It’s difficult to know which apps use local notifications and which use remote notifications. Any app that sends local notifications could be a culprit.

As a result, Apple released iOS 11.2 in the middle of the night, an update that also brings Apple Pay Cash, faster wireless charging for the iPhone 8 and X, and a number of bug fixes and visual changes. 

HELP! My iPhone started crashing on Dec 2nd?!