cloud storage and backup for business

What’s the difference between cloud storage & backup?

Cloud storage services sync folders on your computer to the cloud; allowing you to work from a folder across devices. If you accidentally delete a file sometimes these services even have a recovery feature. This of course only works for files that are in the synced folders.

So... can I use cloud storage services like Dropbox or Box for backup?

Yes, these tools are great and can automatically sync your documents to the cloud, although unfortunately there is a but... They are limited to the files that are stored in the synced folder. Media in Photos or applications like MYOB may be difficult to backup to the cloud using the

se tools. If you simply need a place to backup your documents automatically then they are a great option.

Cloud storage also offers a great ways to access and edit your documents anywhere plus flexible sharing options.

What's the benefit of cloud backup then?

Cloud backup will backup everything on your Mac or server. This means you will be able to recover data from any application or recover your entire Mac should it fail or get stolen. Some backup services offer simplified access from other locations if you need to access a file on your Mac remotely. They don't usually include any sharing or editing features.

What do I need?

YMT recommends 3 copies of any data critical to your business.

  1. On your Mac or server
  2. A local backup (for example time machine to an external hard drive)
  3. A backup in cloud storage

There is no one size fits all solution unfortunately but we are happy to have a chat regarding your needs for cloud storage or backup.

What’s the difference between cloud storage & backup?