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What’s expected at Apple’s Gather Round event?

For several years now Apple has held an event to launch new iPhones in the second week of September and this year is no exception.

This years event will be at 3am on Wednesday the 13th of September (Australian Eastern Standard Time). and should be streamed live if you feel like a super early start to your day.

So.. new iPhone you say?

The most likely rumour is of three new iPhones; a 5.8-inch OLED model, a 6.5-inch OLED Plus model and a more affordable 6.1 TFT-LED model. The OLED models are rumoured to be called the iPhone XS with no new name strongly rumoured for the lower end model.

All models are rumoured to feature the TrueDepth/FaceID camera, A12 processor and a fast 18watt USB-C charger. The OLED models will likely include dual lens rear cameras and higher resolution screens compared to the more affordable option.

iPhone XS rumour leak

Did you say something about a new Apple Watch?

Why yes some photos of a new watch did recently leak. The strongest rumour about the Apple Watch Series 4 is the larger display with a smaller bezel. It will also likely include a faster processor and longer battery size. It is expected to be thinner but roughly the same size so you can continue to use your existing watch bands.

apple watch series 4 leak rumour

What about the iPad? New ones yeah?

There was a new regular iPad released earlier this year but there have been consistent of a new iPad Pro coming this year. The new  Pros may come in at 11 inches and 12.9 inches, and will feature smaller bezels like the iPhone X and will switch Touch ID for Face ID. Other than that they will see faster processors and possibly the removal of the headphone jack.

Will the AirPower ever be released?

The AirPower was announced at last years September event and allows you to charge multiple Apple devices wirelessly but has not yet seen the light of day. It is rumoured to be released at this years event but this is not as strong as some of the other rumours.

I want AirPods but should I wait?

There are consistent rumours of the AirPod 2 which will include Hey Siri and better water protections but recent rumours have pushed the release to next year. It is less than 2 weeks away now, unless you desperately need them now i'd wait!

Macs? What about new Macs?!

Apple just launched a new MacBook Pro but a lot of the other Macs are getting a bit long in the tooth. It is expected that a new lower end MacBook will be released later this year but is currently expected at a seperate October event. A new Mac Mini which hasn't see an update in a few years is also expected.

What’s expected at Apple’s Gather Round event?