Apple TV 4k tvOS screen

tvOS 12 & watchOS 5 introduced by Apple at WWDC

The new watchOS 5 adds a walkie talkie and new activity features including competitions. Apple introduces tvOS 12 with Dolby Atmos support and new aerial screensaver. 

Apple Watch watchOS 5

watchOS 5 introduces Walkie-Talkie, a new way to communicate with voice and just a tap of the wrist. A fun and easy way to quickly get in touch with friends and family, this new watch-to-watch connection is fast, personal and can be activated between any compatible Apple Watch users around the world over Wi-Fi or mobile.

The activity features have been expanded to introduce 7-day Activity Competitions with your friends and family. Yoga and hiking workouts are now included along with auto workout detection and improvements running.

watchOS 5 now includes the ability to listen to podcasts on Apple Watch and improvements to Siri.

The latest version of watchOS drops support for the original Apple Watch (not the updated Series 1 version) and yes this includes the the over $20,000 Apple Watch Edition variants!

Apple TV - tvOS 12

With tvOS12 Apple TV 4K will be the only streaming player both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos certified, delivering the highest quality cinematic experience of stunning 4K HDR visuals and immersive sound that flows all around in three-dimensional space.

New aerial screensavers including a new one including aerial shots of Earth from space.

tvOS 12 & watchOS 5 introduced by Apple at WWDC