MacBook Pro

Diagnostic Report

An clear diagnostic report is included with each call out, be it for repairs or technical assistance. This diagnostic will give you a great indication of the health of your MacBook Pro, and what may be needed to optimise your home or office Mac systems. No work is initiated that you have not approved prior to starting.

Fast and Accurate Diagnostics Process

Upon arrival, Your Mac Tech will go through a complete diagnostic of your apple computer and any apple systems and peripherals like printers, iPads etc.

Once your diagnostic is complete, Your Mac Tech will discuss with you the results of the diagnostic along with options on getting your Mac or repaired.

You will also get a Free Quote on any other needs eg. Backup setup, demonstrations on use of Mac applications eg. iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, Time Machine, Pages, Keynote

What the diagnostic report includes

Memory check, RAM upgrades assessment
Recommended software updates
Hard disk space available check
Peripherals check (printers, wifi/modems/routers, scanners etc)
Backup check
Email optimisation
Apple Product optimisation eg. Syncing your iPad to your iMac
Apple TV check

Personalised Options

Sometimes we may find things that may only be cosmetic or not critical to the correct function of your Mac. We will simply let you know of all the options, and YOU can decide which work you would like to go ahead with, ie. No work/repair will be started without your approval and consent. We can stagger the work, or even improve your system with a view to implementing upgrades at a later date.

Call us to fix your MacBook Pro!

Free Call & Free Quote

MacBook Pro Screens

Repair or replace cracked or damaged display with a brand new screen.
Call us on 1800 738 031 for a quote, as prices change regularly. We will source the best price for you, and we will repair it as soon as it is possible, so you can get on with what you need to do.

MacBook Pro Hard Drives

All your music files, photos and videos, as well as other files can clog up your computer system and make it sluggish and slow. The best option may be to upgrade your system with a new hard drive. A new hard drive can improve functionality of all your applications and even internet usage on your Mac.

5400rpm, 7200rpm & Solid State Drives

We can recommend which hard drive is best suited for your needs, in general:

5400rpm and 7200rpm hard drives are fast and will increase machine speed with little impact on your battery life. However, solid state drives deliver ultra-fast performance.

Our Price Includes Full Service

  • New drive installation
  • A new operating system will be installed
  • Transfer of old drive Mac data, if the old drive is in good condition
  • Windows data may or may not be transferred (case by case assessment required)
  • Your old hard drive is yours, so it will be returned to you upon completion
  • Data recovery may be available (case by case assessment)

    MacBook Pro Memory Upgrades

    Upgrade your Mac’s memory to a total of 4GB, 8GB. 16GB or 32GB. Memory capacity varies based on each MacBook Pro model, which change each year. Older MacBook Pros usually have less capacity for Memory upgrades, call us on 1800 738 031 and we will let you know what you can do to increase your memory. Your old memory is returned to you. Lifetime warranty for all RAM bought and installed by Your Mac Tech.

    Work and Play, Faster

    • Increase performance on your Mac laptop with fast, tier 1 memory upgrades.
    • More memory increases overall machine speed and allows for faster video rendering, photo viewing and application performance.
    • All memory comes with warranty.

    Fast Installation with Lifetime Warranty

    • RAM is installed quickly at your home or office and we are proud to only use RAM that is covered by lifetime warranty.
    • Any old RAM from your Mac is left with you.