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Business cloud storage – Box

Cloud storage designed to work perfectly with macOS & iOS

Small business are quickly adopting cloud storage to reduce costs, increase security and ease collaboration. We can help you move your business to the cloud so you can focus on your business goals rather than file backups and hard drive failures.

Box Cloud Storage

With Box cloud storage you can easily share large files with a simple link via email or straight from Box.

All your important documents are available everywhere you need them on all your devices.  You can view, share and edit any kind of file, wherever you are; online or off. We can help you turn folders into shared online workspaces and to work collaboratively with your team.

Box has the ability to create user groups and set permissions for individual users. Once a user has been set up with their permissions they will only be able to view and edit those specific folders or files you’ve given them access to. Box is secure and you have total control over your documents. You can safely store your files and never worry about losing important documents after a computer crash again.

Box has powerful integrations to make the dream of a paperless office closer including electronic signatures and scanning direct to cloud.

What about Dropbox Cloud Storage?

We also support Dropbox which works very well with Mac, iPhone and iPad but we believe Box has a number of advantages that make it more suitable for small businesses.

  • Box has prices more suitable for small business
  • Dropbox was designed for home users and has been tweaked to add business support
  • Box has a significant partner network and integrations
  • Easily create groups and manage user permissions to setup access suitable for your business.

We have Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive

If you are already using Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-suite then you already have cloud storage from Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive and they usually work well enough for most small businesses. 

We can help you migrate to cloud storage solution for your business

Small business cloud storage from $7.00 a month